One Human Family

There are so many brilliant, beautiful people and signs and people fighting right now for the 99%, humanity. I don’t know much about economy… I am a trust fund teen, that gets to go to college for free… financially stable family. I do know, though, that there are so many moral issues with who’s in control. I do know about love, compassion, problem solving, humanity, peace, unity, && nature. I know that as open minded and optimistic I am, it is really hard for me to see the light in the way this system is. And I do know that I will pursue that feeling of intuition to benefit us all <3 One human family baby <3 

Sometimes you feel all alone, really, but I guess not :) This is great. I am so hopeful for the future. It’s time! <3 I’ll see you there :) 

"what he didn’t understand was that being happy is the new american dream because the old one is a shame" 

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